As parents we want to give our children the absolute best start we possibly can. There are so many different toys readily available it can sometimes feel like an overwhelming choice when selecting a new toy. One question often asked is “are wooden toys better for my baby?”. Let’s take a closer look …..

Environmentally friendly

Wood is naturally sustainable and environmentally friendly therefore purchasing more toys made from wood supports the wider use of natural materials. Wood is a durable product meaning wooden toys are often longer lasting than their plastic counterparts. Once a wooden toy has reached the end of it’s useful life it can be recycled which, as an alternative to plastic toys, prevents more plastic waste entering landfill. 

wooden toys for children

Sensory play

Wooden toys are inherently tactile making them perfect for sensory play. The importance of sensory play is recognised in the Government’s new EYFS framework as “some of the earliest part of physical play and development”. The tactile and engaging nature of toys such as the Classic World Caterpillar or the Rocking Pounding Bench make them ideal for developing baby’s fine motor skills.

wooden toys

Imaginative, open ended play

Wooden toys are often simpler in their design and functionality. This simplicity promotes imaginative, open ended play for baby’s and toddlers. Toys as simple as wooden building blocks can be used in so many ways – stacking, building, counting, knocking over and creating small worlds. The possibilities are only limited by the imagination!

baby playing with wooden blocks

So, are wooden toys better for my baby?

Better is such a definitive term and, in reality, no toys are ‘bad’. Plastic toys have their own merits – they’re easy to wipe down and can be bright and exciting. Without doubt, wood toys offer a multitude of benefits to both baby’s development and the environment. We think they’re an absolute winner as part of any toy box or toy selection.